Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Workout for Wednesday, March 21

Today was a gorgeous day and I was able to work from home.  This means I was able to squeeze a workout in at noon and take an hour long walk at night.

For the noon workout I did The Firm Total Body Time Crunch with Rebekah Sturkie.  This is a 45-minute total body workout with strength-building sections inter-spread with cardio.  I got a very good, sweaty workout.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Workout for Tuesday, March 20

Finally did another Firm workout!  I did The FIRM Jiggle Free Buns workout, led by Pam Cauthen.  This is a 30 minute workout utilizing the TransFIRMer.  It alternates cardio with sculpting moves.  I have to say, my heart rate really went up with this.  I think it was all of the tall box climbs.  Plus, I did this after workout after I went on a one-hour very hilly walk.

Although I haven't posted recently, I have been working out.  Workouts have consisted of walking, Turbo Jam, Cathe, etc.  I will continue to post each time I do a Firm workout until I can officially say that "I've done them all!"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Workout for Wednesday, March 7

Today I did Cathe's Pyramid Upper Body - Pyramid Up Premix (minus abs) plus a 2+ mile walk.

Workouts for Monday, February 27 - Tuesday, March 6

Wow...I've been missing in action.  Yes, I've still been working out.  I just haven't had a lot of opportunity to blog.  And I haven't been doing very many Firm workouts. I still intend to finish my challenge, but it will take longer than originally anticipated. 

I have two issues:
  • First, I have a slight arthritic condition that sometimes prevents me from doing certain workouts.  There are several Firms that move more quickly (with twists, turns, etc.) and/or have high impact moves that aggravate my condition.  I can modify some of the moves, but there are some days I'm just not going to do it.
  • Second, I have sooo many workouts.  It's easy for me to be consistent with working out, but very difficult for me to stick to one way of working out.  Also, with the weather getting nicer, I'm going to be taking my workouts outside.  DH and I enjoy walking/hiking and biking, and that comes first!
So it may take me a long while to get through them all, but I'll do it eventually!  Here's what I have been doing:

Monday, February 27:  Leslie WATP 2 Mile Brisk Walk

Tuesday, February 28:  OFF

Wednesday, February 29:  1 hour walk + Winsor Pilates Buns and Thighs

Thursday, March 1:  Leslie Sansone Walk at Home 3 Mile Weight Loss Workout

Friday, March 2:  The FIRM TransFIRM Your Trouble Zones - this is a 46 minute workout led by Kelsie Daniels utilizing a 5 pound kettlebell.  I like the workout, but I don't care for the kettlebell that comes with it (it hurts my hands).  I use a different one, and the workout is much more enjoyable!

Saturday, March 3:  OFF

Sunday, March 4:  Cathe Pyramid Upper Body - Pyramid Up Premix (minus abs) + Leslie Sansone 1 Mile

Monday, March 5:  Brazil Butt Lift High and Tight + Leslie Sansone Walk at Home Walk Your Belly Flat 3 Mile Walk

Tuesday, March 6:  The FIRM Sculpted Buns, Hips and Thighs + 1 hour (hilly) walk
SBHT is a 35 minute parts workout led by Tracie Long.  The entire workout takes place on the floor (in fact, I think it used to be called "Lie Down and Workout").  The title is a little misleading since a great deal of the workout concentrates on abs.  I enjoy this one, and like to squeeze it in after another workout or in the mornings.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Workouts for Wednesday, February 22 - Sunday, February 26

Well, I have been working out.  Work has been a bit crazy lately, and I've still been getting over my head cold, but I'm plodding along.  I only got one Firm workout in though.  That's okay....I'll get to them all at some point. I'm in no hurry.

Wednesday was Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution - Bun and Thigh Solution and Leslie Sansone's WATP Walk and Kick.

Thursday was Leslie Sansone's Two Mile Super Walk.   I was surprised with this one.  This one uses cables which you attach to your feet, and the handles are in your hands.  I adjusted them so there was some decent tension.  I was fine while I was doing it, but so sore the next day.

Friday was the day from hell.  Work was crazy and I had a lot of personal stuff going on.  I took the day off from working out and made chocolate chip cookies!  LOL!

Saturday I did The Firm BSS3 Complete Body Sculpting with Christa Riley.  It's a 45 minute workout, and I did feel like a got a good one.  I'm not a fan of this series, though.  Love the ramp work, but you can barely hear the instructor.

Sunday I did Leslie Sansone's WATP 3 Mile High Calorie Burn Walk and Winsor Pilates Buns and Thighs Sculpting.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Workouts for Monday, February 20 - Tuesday, February 21

I'm starting to feel better, but not quite 100%.  I'm continuing with my Leslie Sansone's until I'm ready to do my Firms again.

On Monday I did WATP Express 3 Mile Advanced Walk

On Tuesday I did WAH 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Workouts for Thursday, February 16 - Sunday, February 19

UGH!  I've been under the weather.

On Thursday, I got up early and got a workout in because I knew I would be working late and wouldn't have time in the evening.  I did Leslie Sansone's WATP Express 2 Mile Brisk Walk.

Unfortunately, toward the evening I realized I was coming down with something.  On Friday, I decided I better work at home so as not to get everyone else sick.  I did not workout.

On Saturday, DH and I were in PA visiting our families.  I usually take the day off when we are visiting them, but I would have taken it off anyhow as I was just feeling miserable.

Today (Sunday), I felt a smidgen better.  I did another two-mile walk with Leslie:  Burn Body Fat and Sculpt Your Arms.  She has three separate workouts on one video, so it's a bargain.  The two mile was good for me today.

I have to say that I typically really enjoy Leslie's workouts. They are perfect when I need to squeeze in something quick and simple (especially useful in the mornings!). They are great when I'm feeling a little under the weather and not quite up to doing a Firm workout (or Cathe, or Chalene, or whatever).  And they are also good when I want a "feel-good" workout led by an extremely positive person.  Leslie could have the tendency to get on some people's nerves.  I know she wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea.  But after reading two of her books (and I'm reading her third now:  "Walking the Walk"), I really respect and admire her.  Her chattiness and bubbly personality is genuine.  When I think of an instructor who I would actually want to be friends with, Leslie would be that person.  Her workouts will always have a place on my shelves.